Why Spectrum Diamond Products ?

Measured uniform finishes, faster and easier

Diamond finishes are cut to true base metal microinch surfaces.

Each separate grit size employed removes its proportionate share of stock.

Bright, flawless mirror finishes of the highest quality and deep reflectivity are the natural result to surfaces lapped with properly used precision graded fine diamond abrasives.

Diamond lapping removes amorphous annealed metallic film created in machining and grinding, reduces surface roughness to base metal.

Diamond abrasives will not burnish. Polishing or burnishing resulting from the use of abrasives that break down rapidly under work pressures, smear, but do not thoroughly remove metal.

Spectrum diamond lapping compounds are available in 14 standard grit sizes, color identified. A wide range to choose from to simplify and insure the selection of the proper grit to start with and the necessary sequence of grits to follow to produce the perfect end result.

Precision graded diamond abrasives have no substitute.